The Rise Of The Social Shareholder

a social gathering of shareholders

As more people invest in unlisted secutities, it's no surpise that social platforms should evolve to serve social shareholders. This week we learned that Capdesk, a Danish startup, will be opening an office in London in February.

“The identity (of) a shareholder is changing – return on investment is no longer the sole motivator to invest, it is also about the experience. Capdesk accommodates this change and encourages founders and investors to explore synergies to help the business.” Casper Arboll, co-founder.

Lawsuit likely over failed crowdfunding project

Zano drone

The rights and obligations of businesses who raise money via crowdfunding may soon be tested in UK courts, by backers of the failed Zano drone project. As we reported in November, the project went into voluntary liquidation, having delivered only 600 drones out of a target of 15,000.

Now, some backers are discussing a class action lawsuit with specialist litigation firm Edwin Coe LLP.