Young, Gifted and Already Investing

Cartoon of young affluent optimistic peopleSource: Forbes

Today's young professionals are already thinking about their futures. It's time crowdfunding and alternative finance started thinking about them.

The generation ad-agencies call 'Millennials' are graduating from university and starting jobs - ansd naturally, advertisers want to know what makes them tick, and where they spend their money  Food? Cars? Clothes? Travel?

Yes, all of those things, but more interesting to Another Crowd is the way today's twenty-somethings are already thinking about the long term. Witnessing a major economic stagnation in their teenage years did not turn them into mindless hedonists who live for their moment.

There are many … stereotypes, but the Forbes millennials are optimistic, entrepreneurial and purpose-driven.” said Forbes Media CMO Tom Davis. We understand the research will be published to coincide with an upcoming conference in Santa Monica, but you can read summarties of the findings in AdWeek and  Social Media Week.

We take comfort from the news that two of their biggest concerns are climate change (27%) and the economic recovery (28%) - problems which are better addressed together.  We're also glad that

  • 32% want to own their own company some day.
  • 66% are involved with charities and social causes.
  • 97% are optimistic about the future.

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We intend to reflect younger investors' concerns and points of view more in the future.

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