Unlisted Equities - Investing Zone's New Opportunity

Unlisted securities are not a problem with this new fund.

Crowd investment platform Investing Zone has introduced a new way to invest in unlisted equities alongside traditional funds. The platform, which first came online in 2013, merged last year with Acceleris Capital,  a specialist corporate finance house, Acceleris Capital. This partnership is now aiming to disrupt the investment sector by removing the barriers to investing in the unlisted equities market. 

The business model of the partnership is to lower the barriers to investing in unlisted equities.  The newest funded to be added to the portal is the  CF Seneca Diversified Income Fund.  Business Quarter Live reports that it's the first of many traditional funds and trusts that will be added to the  InvestingZone portal over the next few months.

InvestingZome hailed the move as an industry first which bridges the gap between unlisted equities and traditional investment. Director Jean Miller, Founding Director of Investing Zone, said:

“Much has been made of a reported shortfall in the total raised by EIS and SEIS funding due to changes in eligibility criteria imposed by the government. But the reality is there’s billions of pounds ready to benefit growing UK SMEs siting with an investor public grown weary of poor savings rates.

“I am confident that this innovative multi-investment vehicle platform can further improve the perception of crowdfunding and attract investors who have never before looked at unlisted equities; safe in the confidence that the EIS investments we are offering are credible and have got the right team behind them to make a return.”

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