News Briefing - Crowdfunding, SME And Alternative Finance

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1.UK – P2P


P2P Finance News on a cryptocurrency P2P flotation:


“A PLATFORM looking to provide global peer-to-peer unsecured loans has launched an initial coin offering (ICO) to build the proposition.

FintruX, headed by fintech expert and former JP Morgan systems analyst Nelson Lin, is looking to raise a minimum of 5,000ETH (Ethereum) in return for tradeable FTX tokens.

Lenders will be able to back loans and receive repayments in any currency but transactions fees and any rewards or late payment charges will be paid in FTX.

There will also be an option for investors to become guarantors of loans and will receive tokens in return, but must cover any losses.

FintruX has also built a network of fraud, identity and credit scoring agencies that lenders can use to vet borrowers and businesses will also pay back an extra 10 per cent that goes into an insurance pot to cover any losses. This is given back if the loan is repaid.

Additionally, five per cent of all FTX Tokens will be reserved to cover any losses incurred by lenders.”

2. UK – P2P


Ranger Direct Lending has said that legal expenses related to its ongoing arbitration with its Princeton holding pushed its net asset value (NAV) return down by 0.2 per cent in November, according to P2P Finance News.

The alternative finance investment trust, which backs secured business loans mainly in the US, has an investment in Princeton giving it exposure to direct lending platform Argon Credit, which went bankrupt in December.

Ranger Direct Lending is embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute over Princeton’s level of exposure to Argon. A four-day meeting is set to start on 18 January after talks in November overran.

“Given the continuation of the arbitration proceedings, the company has elected that starting in November 2017, any income that is accrued by Princeton, will be added to Princeton’s loss reserve,” said Ranger Direct Lending in a monthly update late on Friday.

“This is a temporary action until the arbitration proceedings have concluded.”


3. UK – SEIS

Every Investor reports an AI-tech SEIS fund:


“Britbots, the organisation dedicated to promoting U.K.-based robotics companies, and Sapphire Capital Partners, a specialist manager of tax-efficient funds, today announces the launch of the second British Robotics Seed Fund.  The new fund follows the success of the first fund, which has now been fully invested, leading the seed rounds of six high-potential robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) related ventures.

The new fund will be predominantly focused on SEIS-qualifying investment opportunities thereby delivering the most significant tax benefits to investors, nonetheless there will be scope for the fund to make a number of investments under the EIS scheme when there are scale-up opportunities for existing portfolio companies. Further information is available at

4. US - Equity


Crowdfundinsider on a Seedinvest link with Crowdcube.

SeedInvest is one of the most selective investment crowdfunding platforms in the US. Launched in 2012 by Ryan Feit and James Han when the JOBS Act of 2012 was signed into law, the two founders most likely had no idea how long it would take for the three distinct crowdfunding exemptions to kick in. First, came Reg D (506c), an exemption only available to accredited investors, launching in late 2013. This was followed by Reg A+ in 2015, a streamlined public offering type exemption that enables issuers to raise up to $50 million from both accredited and non accredited investors. And finally, Reg CF, perhaps the most talked about portion of the JOBS Act but also the smallest exemption and the one with the most rules. This exemption was the last to launch with final approval taking place 4 years after the JOBS Act was signed into law. As each set of rules were released, SeedInvest added a vertical to empower online capital formation for early-stage companies.”



5. US – Crowdfunding


Eventys Partners runs eight predictions for crowdfunding in 2018.