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Today's Briefing

1 UK – P2P/AltFi

P2P Finance News reports:

“A FUND has been launched that enables investors to invest in peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending alongside a range of other assets.

Called Bond, the fund lets accredited investors buy securities known as “Bond Units” in an asset portfolio that holds a mixture of property bonds, real estate and cryptocurrency assets.

Each Bond Unit, which digitally represents an equity share of Bond’s asset portfolio, will be issued on the Bitshares Blockchain and traded via the Bitshares decentralised exchange.

This enables investors to trade the units as a new form of digital currency with other accredited investors.

The portfolio has 30 per cent exposure to P2P Bitcoin lending; 30 per cent to property bonds and real estate; and 30 per cent to digital currency learning website the Billion Hero Campaign. The remaining 10 per cent is invested in alternative cryptocurrencies.”



2. UK – P2P

P2P Finance News on Brexit fallout:

“A PROPERTY developer based in Northern Ireland turned to peer-to-peer funding to complete a project after its bank withdrew financing in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Maillot Jaune had originally sought funding to build 11 flats on a seaside, brownfield site in Grey Abbey, County Down in 2006. However, the residential property sector fell into a deep recession after the economic downturn so the project was mothballed.

Planning permission subsequently expired and the developer submitted a revised application for eight terraced houses which was granted in August 2016.”


3. UK – Equity

Investment Week reports a new fund from SyndicateRoom.

“Online investment platform SyndicateRoom has launched an active EIS fund offering investors access to fast-growing UK scale-up businesses, Investment Week can reveal.

The Growth fund is designed to invest in select best-performing businesses that are included in the platform's growing portfolio. It will sit alongside Fund Twenty8, a passive fund for early-stage EIS opportunities.

Together, the two funds bring more choice for private investors searching for returns in a low-yield economic environment, by offering both an active and passive approach to companies at different stages of their growth cycle, the group said.”

4. UK – AltFi

Asset Finance International makes an announcement.

“Businesses in the UK construction sector have been hit by a leap in payment delays, with invoices taking an average of 69 days to be settled.

Analysis of more than 13,000 companies by Funding Options, the online business finance supermarket, shows that delays have risen 8% in the past two years.

It warns that a single late payment can be an issue even for successful firms, which can be caught out if a major client delays a payment significantly. If that late payment coincides with a major bill coming in, such as a tax, VAT or rent payment, the consequences can be severe.

Furthermore, the construction sector has a long supply chain which includes many small and medium-sized enterprises and delayed payments could create a domino effect that impacts hundreds of small suppliers.

Slow payment of bills is a major reason why the construction sector has such a high number of insolvencies; 2,557 construction firms entered insolvency during 2016.”

5. UK – Real Estate


Proplend has joined the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) as a Patron, reports Bridging & Commercial.


“The peer-to-peer lending platform reported that it received a great deal of positive feedback from the Association’s broker community during its consultation period.

“Brokers play a significant role in the UK finance market, particularly within our commercial property funding sector,” said Brian Bartaby, CEO and founder of Proplend.

“It is important to know what you’re looking for, as well as where to look.

“This is where specialist commercial brokers come in.

“Increasingly their market awareness and due diligence point them in the direction of peer-to-peer lending platforms like Proplend, who are rapidly becoming a larger slice of the lending ecosystem.”


6. International – AltFi


French regulator AMF is investigating alleged fraud at, according to Leap-Rate.

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