Investors Say Less EU, More AI

the silicon chip inside her head

Will robots make Brexit a success? An expert investment panel asked this in London recently. The Smith & Williamson Artificial Intelligence Fund is less than six months old, but if our country needs a supply of hard workers who are more popular than the Polish or Portuguese, maybe robots are the answer.

BrewDog Finally Jumps The Shark

Brewdog founders in fancy dress cstumes, with beer

"If you are easily offended... we don't care."

BrewDog has cut through the UK crowdfunding scene like nine pints of strong ale cutting through the attempt to sleep it off. From running equity crowdfunding raises on their own site to brewing the world's strongest beer (The End Of Histoty, 55%  ABV),

James Watt and Martin Dickie have always courted controversy, with their punk attitude and the kind of outrageous escapades we would warn our children never to get involved in - then secretly wish we'd thought of it when we were in our twenties. So what have they gone and done now?