Seedrs is First Mover on Title III Crowdfunding

Jeff Lynn speaking at Another Crowd

Seedrs has already announced its intention to launch in the United States, following the SEC's approval of JOBS Act Title III rules last Friday. Private Equity Wire reported that the London-based equity crowdfunding platform will commence a beta test of its crowdfunding platform 'within weeks', with a view to an official launch early in 2016.

Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn, who spoke at Another Crowd's conference in May, is an ex-pat American who is very much at home in the UK, and highly regarded on the British crowdfunding scene. He first developed his ideas for a "KIva for Equity" while studying for an MBA at Oxford University's Said Business School, alongside his co-founder, Carlos Silva.  

Seedrs is perfectly positioned

Seedrs acquired Junction Investments, a California-based firm, in October 2014, and it is understood that Seedrs America will be based around the fruits of the Junction acquisition, including its management team.

Seedrs logo

Mr Lynn welcomed the SEC vote, saying “I have had the privilege of being involved in the lawmaking process for U.S. crowdfunding ever since the JOBS Act was introduced in 2011, and I am very pleased to see that the SEC has finally adopted rules implementing Title III. We believe this heralds the emergence of equity crowdfunding as a vibrant form of finance in the United States – just as it has become in the UK and Europe – and Seedrs is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the sector’s growth. "