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The UK economy is in recovery, that much is for sure. Just how much of a recovery, and how sustainable it is, however, are moot points.

What’s certain, though is that the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been at the forefront of the government’s attempts to turn things around. EIS has an array of tax benefits designed to tempt individual investors to pour cash into business seeking the lifeblood of capital investment. It’s a risk, of course, to invest directly into small companies, but the government, through the form of fiscal benefits, mitigates that risk.

A Guide to Saving and EIS Investing


We're delighted to publish the first extract of Bees & Honey - You and Your Money, a book on investing, with a strong emphasis on EIS investment.  Co-written by Money&Co. chief executive, the well-known entrepreneur and finanicer, Nicola Horlick, the text offers stretagies for saving up, and later insstalments wil demonstrate the benefits of EIS investment.

Another treatise on money, and saving up? Why? The answer is simple: we just can’t help ourselves - even though that’s precisely what we’re supposed to do.