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Equity Crowdfunding - What Does Success Look Like?

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What counts as success in equity crowdfunding? Investors need to know what they can expect. Startup investing can be a long process, with multiple stages. The company may have no revenue, so it won't be paying dividends.

It will be a long before the shares are listed on any exchange, or an over-the-counter market (OTC), so your investment will be 'not readily realisable.' (That's the regulator's jargon for saying that you're stuck with it, and you'll be lucky if you can find a buyer.)

SyndicateRoom Closes EIS Fund - For Now

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SyndicateRoom has announced the closure of Fund Twenty8, with a total of £4.5 million invested, but we understand that a new fund is already in preparation, and will be available later this year.

FundTwenty8 is a unique offering in the world of early stage equity, as far as we know. We've seen it described as a fund without that uses technology to pick investment, but the truth is a lot more interesting than that, if you ask us.