EIS: A Guide For Investors

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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) appeals to investors in equity crowdfunding, unlisted and growth SMEs. If you have an equity portfolio, EIS will help you keep more of your returns after tax and mitigate risk and any losses you might make.

The new guide to the scheme from the EIS Association is a valuable introduction for smart investors and anyone discovering equity crowdfunding.

EIS: Under the Bonnet is the name of the guide. It charts the course of an EIS investment, from initial sourcing of funds from investors, through the stages of the investment’s life cycle, to the point when investors can take profits in an exit. The guide outlines several exit scenarios, including a sale of the business to another company, or a stock market listing. it also explains how an EIS fund portfolio might perform 

The 20-page guide is available from the EIS Association website, http://www.eisa.org.uk 

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a UK government scheme and only UK taxpayers can benefit from it.