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What Can We Expect In 2016?

St James's Park - Dawn mist and frost

Winter dawn over Pall Mall & St. James' Park

What can the UK's crowdfunding and alternative finance community look forward to in 2016? We've looked through everybody's end of year lists and our archives, and have picked seven themes to engage with as we start 2016.

  • Regulation Is Working
  • Equity: Values and Valuations
  • Energy: A Muddle at the Ministry
  • Lending: Rates, Risks and Realistic Expectations
  • Emotional Finance
  • Research and Evidence
  • The Geography of Innovation

(You can also take a look at our slideshow of Stories We Covered in 2015 if you prefer.)

P2P Loans are not savings accounts. (Got It?)

Peer-to-peer lending carries risk and the FCA has warned platforms not to compare returns to savings accounts.  It's misleading, says the regulator. The problem is, everybody does it.

We don't mean all the peer-to-peer lenders. We mean the mainstream media and the financial pages of quality newspapers.  The critics of crowdfunding and the skeptics do it as much as advocates and marketers.