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Great Savings Robbery Continues In 2017

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Britain's savers are missing out on £21bn of interest, reports Alt-Fi News today. The claim is made by platform CEO Chris Hancock, of Folk2Folk.

Back in 2014. we called in the Great Savings Robbery. The shockingly low rates of return avaialble to UK investors were among the factors that led us to set up Another Crowd to focus on the needs of ordinary savers and investors.

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Crowdfunding is a brand new invention. As these new, agile firms shape the market, they adapt and improve their business models in favour of what works for them and their customers.

collaboration in practice as teachers and pupils unload school furniture from a boat

Yesterday, we heard that RateSetter had entered into an arrangement with SyndicateRoom. The former is a lending platform, the latter, an equity crowdfunding platform. Under the agreement, the two alternative finance platforms will now refer their customers to one another, to provide a better service and meet more of the funding needs of new and growing businesses that are SyndicateRoom's and RateSetter's customers.