Collaboration - A Founder's Perspective

Mary McKenna is the founder of Learning Pool, a successful E-Learning company in Derry, Co. Antrim. With the business now flourishing in its eleventh year, Mary is a mentor and angel investor active in Ulster, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland UK.

Mary McKenna, Irish entrepreneur and angel investor

In the latest post on her blog Kicking Assets, she talks about the importance of collaboration when growing a business. Investors who value a strong management team, and look for longevity and sustainability in a company's talent, contracts, and relationships with  suppliers, distruptors and key partners, will find Mary's advice worthwhile reading, we're sure.

Peer-to-Peer ISA - It's Not Rocket Science!

Peer-to-peer lending appeals to smart people who are prepared to read, think and take a little bit of a risk, in order to get a higher return on their savings than a building society would offer.

ejecting a floppy disk in zero gravity

The risks aren't severe: and if you invest through the new IFISA accounts, your returns will be tax-free. So, what do you need to know before you invest?

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Crowdfunding is a brand new invention. As these new, agile firms shape the market, they adapt and improve their business models in favour of what works for them and their customers.

collaboration in practice as teachers and pupils unload school furniture from a boat

Yesterday, we heard that RateSetter had entered into an arrangement with SyndicateRoom. The former is a lending platform, the latter, an equity crowdfunding platform. Under the agreement, the two alternative finance platforms will now refer their customers to one another, to provide a better service and meet more of the funding needs of new and growing businesses that are SyndicateRoom's and RateSetter's customers.

IFISA Countdown - 2 weeks to go!

A week ago we were happy about ISA allowances being increased to £20,000, but nervous about peer-to-peer lenders having regulatory permission to launch their IFISA products.   

screen grab of Countdown tv show

This week, the legislative changes were formally published by parliament, and we were pleased to see that regulated firms will be allowed to ffer 'Pick'n'Mix' IFISAs with portfolios mixing loans from more than one peer-to-peer lending platform. This will increase consumer choice, and we reported on it here.