Securitisation Adds Resilience to P2P Lending

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Six months after Deutsche Bank poached Funding Circle's VP of Capital Markets, the peer-to-peer lender has hired Deutsche Bank as the sole arranger of its first securitisation. CityAM's Harriet Green tipped this as a trend to watch out for, only a week ago.

The DB - FC  offering will be the first securitisation of P2P loans in Europe. There have been earlier adoptions in the USA, as evidenced by this article from Alt-Fi News. So we thought we would try and explain what all the fuss is about.

New Cambridge Alt-Fi Research Focuses On America

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The Cambridge Judge Business School's Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) turns its attention to the Americas and proclaims the market there robust, and breaking new ground. But, not surprisingly given American politics, regulation is a controversial topic.

The title of the report is: 'Breaking New Ground: The Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report"

Innis and Gunn Announces Crowdfunded Takeover

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Innis and Gunn, a favourite of crowd investors, has announced the purchase of a brewery in Perth, using money they raised on Crowdbnk last year.

The brewers had originally intended to purchase land and obtain planning permission for a brand new brewery. The change of plan accelerates their plans, cutting development time and promising and expansion of production capacity in what is proving a very popular market.