Tandem: A Bank Built For Two?

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Tandem Bank is good at wooing the crowd. A few weeks ago it turned a pub into a bank, to make a point about how bad banks are at customer service. Then it announced it was giving free shares to customers in exchange for advice.  But is it it a good investment?

Where do 'challenger banks' like Tandem fit into the alternative finance landscape. Banks and start-ups are becoming allies, so what is it that makes it a bank, rather than a Fintech company?

Top Reasons Angels Invest

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Crowdfunding allows small investors to invest in startup equity, and, in many cases to get the same reward for the same risks. How do you think like an angel? New research by Propel(x), a  platform that helps business angels discover and invest in biotech, medicine and information technology, quantifies what motivates angels, the reasons they invest and the things they look for.

We can't teach you to think like an angel, but if you want to know what the angels are thinking, this'll get you started.

Mixed Messages From Government on Peer-to-Peer

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We're reading confusing reports from the Ministry of Mixed Messages (a.k.a. the Whitehall Civil Service) this morning. The taxman is wondering how to tax interest on peer-to-peer to lending, and could impose costly system changes on platorms.  HM Treasury meanwhile, is wondering what to do about encouraging savers to put more money into IFISAs

Securitisation Adds Resilience to P2P Lending

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Six months after Deutsche Bank poached Funding Circle's VP of Capital Markets, the peer-to-peer lender has hired Deutsche Bank as the sole arranger of its first securitisation. CityAM's Harriet Green tipped this as a trend to watch out for, only a week ago.

The DB - FC  offering will be the first securitisation of P2P loans in Europe. There have been earlier adoptions in the USA, as evidenced by this article from Alt-Fi News. So we thought we would try and explain what all the fuss is about.